INTERGENERATIONAL PROGRAMS— Butterfly/Kindness Bags are delivered to an organization who agrees to cross-promote and give the bag to someone who could use a "lift".  This is a community activity that is supported by area chambers and community organizations.  See our "news" section for recent activities.  We envision a greater scope of activities as we move forward with our initiatives.     

DAY TRIPPER – Day Tripper is designed to provide premium  day activities for active adults and caregivers. Go to our sister website at www.daytripperplus.com for list of our activities and registration.  Personal programs can be created for area businesses and communities who want to customize an experience for their clients.  

BUTTERFLY AWARDS - Each quarter one professional and personal caregiver will be selected as our Caregiver of the Quarter.   We will also select one Professional and Personal

Caregiver of the Year.

Winners will be notified and highlighted on our Facebook page and the blog on our website.  Our goal is to plan an annual luncheon that recognizes recipient's along with the selection of one outstanding candidate to receive a greater reward.  Future plans include an annual "Caregiver Retreat" to provide a respite retreat and namaste experience.