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Day Tripper Plus provides planned trips so an individual who may be alone can travel in a group or couples can travel together and let someone else do the planning! The program is targeted to seniors and caregivers. Come explore exciting new places and make new friends along the way.

We have packed a lot of fun, history, and value into 2-and 3-night itineraries that include hotel accommodations, transportation, on-site ambassadors, receptions, and activities. Note: Participants must be ambulatory and in a good physical and cognitive condition. One can participate if they do not meet criteria if they have a caregiver present. Please note that most trips require walking distances and buses are not ADA equipped.

Each package includes:
• Deluxe Accommodations
• Luxury, first-class transportation (based on number of participants)
• Personalized Service
• On-Site Ambassadors
• Get Acquainted Reception
• Welcome Reception