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Issue 1—December 2019

This is our initial newsletter to our subscribers. Our website launched in November and we have been busy formulating our partnerships. We have made tremendous progress in our first two months. Our donation page awarded us with contributions that we used to purchase gifts to seniors who reside in memory care communities in Venice. We also awarded two caregivers from Village on the Isle with holiday gifts.

The response from those whom we have interacted with has been encouraging—we garnered a volunteer who has agreed to write for the organization and has started her first project. She is a testament of someone who chose triumph over tragedy. Look for more from her in future issues! Organizations and businesses feel this is a needed service and have been receptive toward contributing to its success.

Metamorphosis III aka Metamorphosis-3 has great plans for 2020. These include partnerships that will enable us to begin our mission with pilot programs. As part of the educational component to our mission statement, we are planning numerous educational programs that will be held at Manasota Beach Club. These events will be open to the public and will be advertised shortly. Registration and event promotion will also be available on Eventbrite. We are planning three large fundraisers that will be unveiled in future editions. Volunteers are needed and we ask that if you have any interest in volunteering you let us know, so we can start a volunteer database.

As we look to a new decade, we are encouraged by the opportunities that await. A Founders Committee comprised of 8 key community leaders will help guide Metamorphasis-3 toward accomplishing their mission statement. Through their guidance, they will help open doors and bring fresh ideas and support to the organization. The committee will be featured in our February newsletter.

This holiday, contributions were made to the memory of Sandra K. Gates. Caregiver recipients will be awarded with gift certificates within Q1. These individuals will also receive recognition in area publications.

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!

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