Last week started with the delivery of bags filled with items requested by our local hospital for the nurses who work tirelessly taking care of patients who have been infected by COVID-19. We met the Volunteer Coordinator who loved our intergenerational project. We also

invited other senior living communities and health care agencies to participate in the project. Future goals include planning a special recognition at the end of the year, thanking healthcare workers from all areas of the nation for their hard work, dedication and support during these difficult times. Personally, I know of one nurse from our area, who traveled to CT and NY to volunteer to assist with those hospitals who needed additional support. Following her posts on FaceBook, I know her journey was filled with 16 hour shifts for 14 days straight and the experience was described as being part of a "war zone".

Travel the World Virtually

Sign up for our virtual travel series. Each week, we will add to the series and feature different parts of the country and world. We will end with highlights from our hometown, Venice FL. If there is some place that you want to visit, please contact us and we will be sure to add that to our list. Once you sign up for your "passport" on our front screen, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card from Olive Garden. Please tell your friends about this program. It is free to join and gives something to do in your "spare" time as well as topics for conversation.

Each month our virtual series will include a different topic. Next month, we will launch an educational series featuring experts who will be discussing a variety of topics. Have a topic that you want to hear about, let us know so we can find someone that can address that for you. We received feedback from our group about starting a Book Club and a History Series which we will work on during the summer. Volunteers to help us lead these groups are appreciated and welcome! For now, these topics will be offered virtually. In time, these groups will become part of our Conversation and Coffee series that will be held in a local Cafe. For those joining us from another areas, we are happy to continue to include you through ZOOM or other forms of virtual communication.

Go to our Events page: Updated weekly.

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