my story

I would call myself a "free spirit" one who has had many experiences and always lands on my feet.  One of my most memorable experiences is the passing of my mother.  Losing one of the first persons in your life had a profound effect on me. My parents philanthropic value is to be admired. Both served on numerous community boards including but not limited to, hospital, bank, Historical Society and the University of Shippensburg, where they both received the “Exceptional Service Award” in 2017. My mother also served as President of the Recreation Board for our local community recreation committee.  

March 2018, my beautiful mother passed---her passing taught made me to re-evaluate my priorities.  I wanted to continue my passion for seniors while serving my community. So, I coupled my my experience with helping seniors and their families along with event planning and, ended up with the perfect pairing!  

I saw beautiful butterflies twittering around my lanai and at the swimming pool which was my mother's favorite past time. In early 2018, I met my soulmate-- he happened to come to me by the vessel “Butterfly”.  A new life started as one ended; which brings us to the name of our organization-Metamorphosis-3.   Through each stage, we "morph", change and navigate through the journey of life.  


Some daily words to live by "always believe that something wonderful is about to happen." --Butterfly Lady.

"All of our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" -- Walt Disney

Go forward with your dreams and make a difference! 

Lisa Gates