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I grew up with a wonderful mother and father who always gave back to our community. Their philanthropic value was to be admired. My parents served on numerous community boards including but not limited to, hospital, bank, Historical Society and the University of Shippensburg, where they both received the “Exceptional Service Award” in 2017. My mother also served as President of the Recreation Board for our local community recreation committee.  


In my early years, I followed suit and became a board member of several nonprofit agencies and, was even employed by a few nonprofits. During my older years, my career was focused on real estate and senior living. I was, and am, passionate about serving seniors.
March 2018, my beautiful mother passed---her passing taught me a few things. Don’t take things for granted and always have passion for what you do. About three months before she passed, she had asked me about what I was doing to serve the community? Pretty thought provoking.  I had the answers, but it made me think about that poignant question. 


After her passing, I saw beautiful butterflies twittering around my lanai and at the swimming pool my mother's favorite past time. In early 2018, I met my soulmate-- he happened to come to me by the vessel “Butterfly”.  A new life started as one ended; which brings us to the name of our organization-Metamorphosis-3.  Three stages of life and it all centers around a butterfly.  Youth are part of our mission because that population is also supported by my parents. Intergenerational programs bring vitality to both generations, and I am excited to see the Cocoon program blossom ---it is exciting to become part of something that will unite serenity, socialization and philanthropy.   
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